Lifetime Memory Rings

Ridgeway Clocks Lifetime Memory Rings are an EXCLUSIVE offer that enables you to record your family history, major milestones and events through the years.

These interlocking brass rings easily slip over any of the three weights in your Ridgeway Grandfather Clock and can be engraved with those special dates and events in your family's history. The design is such that up to 18 rings can be added as events occur in your family's life. Each ring is designed to fit in the one below creating a pleasant and meaningful addition to your family heirloom.

When you purchase a Ridgeway Grandfather Clock we will provide your first Lifetime Memory Ring personally engraved at no additional cost. Whether it is a New Home, Anniversary, Birthday, Graduation or the start of a new chapter in your life, a Lifetime Memory Ring is a wonderful and stylish way to create a timeline of your family's special occasions.

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To install your Lifetime Memory Ring follow the steps below:

Lifetime Memory Rings 

  1. Wear cotton gloves to protect the fine finish of your weight
  2. Unlock and open the door to your clock
  3. Wind the weights up into their fully wound position
  4. Firmly hold the designated weight and unhook from the cable
  5. Slide the ring over the end of the weight that was held by the cable
  6. Re-hook the weight onto the weight cable
  7. Note: The centre weight runs the clock's time-keeping so if this weight was removed you may need to adjust the time.

If you have any concerns about installing your Lifetime Memory Rings please contact us Toll Free on 1300 RIDGEWAY (1300 TIC TOC). 1300 842 862

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